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On Being Versatile, Sex With Small Countries and Jiraiya-fever

One of my new favorite blogs Sht A Gay Kenyan Writes nominated yours truly for the Versatile Blogger award

(thank¬†you!) ¬†which I initially met with mixed feelings. Awhile back, someone made a post about these awards being annoying and without value since eventually every single blogger on WordPress (and probably on other blogging systems) will get one. Unfortunately I can no longer remember where I read this post but I was taken aback by the condescending/strongly negative criticisms of something I thought was harmless and got turned off the entire awards matter. Read the rest of this entry »


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One Lovely Blog Award Nomination

The datingbitch whose blog I’m a huge, huge fan of nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I’m very thrilled and honoured since I didn’t actually think many people would be interested in what I had to say when I started posting.

This one comes with some interesting rules for acceptance notably the seven unknown things which is probably why it’s taken me so long to put up this post – I mean, what seven things about me do I consider interesting? Do I really want people to know those things about me?? Read the rest of this entry »


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