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Glimpses of My Father

One of the challenges I continuously encounter in the world of anonymous blogging is determining how much personal information to release about myself and others. My full name, pictures and such stuff I know to avoid but certain conversations, interests and experiences I find myself unable to decide whether or not I should share them and I feel this one may be one of such.

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Being Gay in Ghana: Beautiful Scammers and Clandestine Relationships

What does it feel like to be gay here? Well it’s a struggle to fit in, always act “straight”, be what the society expects you to be. Most guys are married by age thirty and rumours start swirling if you pass this mark without a ring on your finger or having a significant other. By the time you hit forty…the less said the better. In the scene, you have to strike this balance between being visible enough to meet other gay people and not being too visible in which case there is a risk of people not wanting to hang out or be seen in public with you. Someone who seems to be your friend today may decide to drop you tomorrow because you’re “too out”. Read the rest of this entry »


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