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Gay Bashing in Nairobi

jackson_irunguJackson Irungu, a gay Kenyan stylist and aspiring singer, was beaten up at a club earlier this week in Nairobi. The reason for his assault is said to be his choice of attire and possibly his sexual orientation. He is notable for coming forward as an out gay man in a CNN program documenting the struggles of gay men in Kenya. Read the rest of this entry »


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Good Things Happen When We Least Expect Them To!

Kwesi Amoafo-YeboahA former presidential candidate for an independent party, Mr Kwesi Amoafo-Yeboah, has come out publicly to say he supports gay rights and would support any groups advancing the agenda that gay people should be free to live as the choose. He called homosexuality  “a ‘victim-less’ crime” since  “it is between consenting adults in the privacy of their bedrooms” adding “let’s focus our energies on stuff that really hurt people.” He also said that “we are all God’s children and we all deserve to be loved. I will disagree with any religious leader or indeed anybody who says that homosexuals deserve to be cast out of society”. Read the rest of this entry »


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An Evening of Sissyphobia

A few weeks ago, I decided to hit the clubs with a couple of friends and  see what was new in town. The major idea however behind my sudden need to go out was matchmaking: I was trying to introduce two friends with the idea that something great could grow between them. However what struck me from the very beginning was that both of them complained that the other was effeminate and therefore, they were not interested. I was taken aback. I would have thought other issues would predominate but just on the basis of some imagined tell that was glaringly obvious (to them alone since I couldn’t see it)? PLEASE. Read the rest of this entry »

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After He Was Outed…

After He Was Outed…

Recently a friend of mine got ‘outed’ by another friend to a group of his close friends (me included). It wasn’t just the “do you know he’s gay?” line. It was sordid Read the rest of this entry »


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