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Mr Gay Namibia Marries Boyfriend

the happy coupleRicardo Amunjera, the current Mr Gay Namibia wed his Motswana boyfriend Marc Themba last week. The couple met last year via Facebook and embarked on a long-distance relationship during which they communicated via Skype and telephone till they eventually met when Ricardo made a trip to Botswana. Since same-sex unions are not legal in the countries of both partners (Nambia and Botswana), they traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa and had a simple civil union. They however plan to have a reception this weekend which will coincide with Ricardo’s 30th birthday. After the wedding, the stunning couple will live in Namibia.

I wish them the very best in their new life together.

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The Nigerian Anti-Gay Bill Rears Its Ugly Head..Again

A year ago, news came from Nigeria that the Senate was attempting to pass an anti-gay marriage bill that would lead to gay men and women being sent to jail for up to 14 years. In addition, anyone who failed to inform the police about any LGBT could face jail time – up to 10 years. As a result of this, men/women who may not be gay but are sharing an apartment could be accused of being gay and brought up on charges. It would also create a rift in families who know their son/daughter is gay but have chosen to remain quiet –  their silence could mean their freedom. This created an intense international backlash and it seemed that the bill had died. This bill has surreptitiously passed a second reading in the lower house without any dissent. Read the rest of this entry »


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