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West Africa’s First Gay Vice-President?

A Ghanaian website has published a scandalous article which implies that the Vice-President of Ghana (Amissah-Arthur) is gay and very active, even to the point of attending LGBT meetings and assuring the gay community that their issues will be addressed once he assumed office. Read the rest of this entry »


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Cashing In On The “Homosexual Agenda”

I’m a calm person and not particularly given to rants (okay that may not be totally true). I also see myself as a (mostly) generous person and try to invest time and effort into helping others and give some financial help, however little, when  I cannot do more. It drives me insane when I realize that in trying to help someone or a cause, I have been taken advantage of or deceived. Enter the case of two young activists to whose cause I gave a donation so that they could work with some NGOs on LGBT rights in sub-Saharan Africa. Read the rest of this entry »


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