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It’s No Longer Only About “Money, Cars, Hoes”

One type of music I’ve not enjoyed a lot of is rap, the mainstream kind. Sure, there are a lot of lyrical folks out there but most of them eventually fall into the habit of creating music centred around driving the flashiest cars, having a 5-some with 5 beautiful women and generally spending tons of money. It’s hard enough having to pretend caring about that girl’s backside when I’m with straight friends and I’d rather not spend my private time pretending some more. My fantasies also do not involve driving flashy cars or anything more than a 2-some.

Enter Goody Goodies from Cakes Da Killa. He’s a twenty-two year old rapper from the US who’s been out since the third grade. I  enjoy his pace and sassy yet funny persona although some of his lines are rude and occasionally I felt like wiping my speakers down ’cause they had been violated by an onslaught of F-and-N-bombs (up until a few years ago I couldn’t listen to any song with the F-word anywhere, the censored versions with the gaps were even worse). These days there are out gay rappers who are making good music (and not just gay music) so I guess it’s time I explored this genre of music again. I can’t wait to listen to what he makes next.


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Power Cuts, Zombie Soldiers and A Twink With A Death Wish

Accra is once again caught in the grips of the “load shedding” exercise during which power cuts lasting 6 to 12 hours (sometimes more) are scheduled every other day since there is an issue with the supply of electric power. At such times I realise how much my daily activities involve the use of electricity in some way even if only to power the fans since this heat is unbearable. It is also sad that we could have such a nation-wide problem in 2012. The nights are slightly better but the hearing the sound of a power generator go on all night from a neighbour’s house has to rank among the most annoying man-made noises ever. The food that I’ve prepared and stored up is going bad and I’ve been inviting friends all week to come and feast – it would kill me to just waste it and I don’t have much faith that the issues would be resolved soon. I have also had to restock my supply of candles and I really hope I don’t burn anything. Read the rest of this entry »


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