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An Evening With A Scoundrel

ScoundrelBeing single and without friends in a new city can be tough. Meeting men isn’t especially in a place like London. I recently met a slightly older gentleman who was very hot, friendly and funny (humour is a big thing where I’m concerned). We had drinks a few times and danced the horizontal cha-cha. It was all very casual but he was beginning to get serious, calling and texting all the time and I wasn’t sure if I was into him that much (for reasons that will be discussed later). I let him know subtly that I wasn’t where he seemed to be but I wasn’t sure if he understood completely. However I actually enjoyed talking to him a lot and we continued to meet up for coffee (but without any more dancing). Anyway a few days ago he invited me out for drinks with a few of his friends. It was a fun evening and as things were winding down we were joined by a very good-looking, slender young man who sat next to him, not saying much. The evening took a very interesting turn from then on. Read the rest of this entry »


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Now That The Holidays Are Over..

Christmas boysChristmas holidays..I dread them. Usually I’m not a fan of holidays in general – airports and bus stations are full, tickets are ultra expensive, traffic is crazy and a lot of people act like they left their brains at home before leaving for town. This year though I didn’t plan on going to see my folks but caved in finally and I’m glad I did. It was fun to see everyone again and just generally be with family. My waist line also enjoyed the break since on my way out I couldn’t fit into the jeans I came with and had to buy a new pair. What wasn’t fun however was the constant litany of “when are you going to get married?” Read the rest of this entry »


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Beau of The Baths

As part of my queerducation a group of friends finally convinced me to go to a nearby sauna. Every time we hang out, they suggest going and usually I just stay home rather than go. I’ve always been very curious about going but for some reason very reluctant to do so. Read the rest of this entry »


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