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A Bathroom Experience To Remember

Rainer Fetting - Man In Shower II

Rainer Fetting – Man In Shower II

Back in the university, showering was an activity I dreaded since the bathroom was communal and I was embarrassed about being naked in front of other guys particularly as I wasn’t stacked or hung. You would think these things don’t matter in a straight bathroom but picture two rows of showers opposite each other without curtains and guys commenting loudly on how muscular the other guys were and how big they were down there. Read the rest of this entry »


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There was a time that I was very much involved with church and its many activities. Some of these churches literally take up every single day of the week with meetings, prayer sessions and so on. One of the churches I was attending at the time (I would often go to two churches at the same period and actively participate in both) had a very charismatic pastor who had just started a week-long series on sin and temptation. A major talking point in his message(s) was that to be holy and keep ourselves that way, we should cut out/off anything that may predispose us to sin and an important “doorway to sin” was music. Read the rest of this entry »


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