Uganda: Plea for help for 2 attacked, 2 arrested for sodomy

12 Jul

Uganda again!


The anti-AIDS gay rights group Spectrum Uganda Initiatives has sent out a plea for funds to support two members who have been arrested and a gay couple who were chased out of their village and now need medical attention in the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

John “Long Jones” Abdallah Wambere, operations coordinator for Spectrum Uganda, reported on the couple’s plight:

Robert and Dominique, a couple who lived in Nsangi, were attacked at night by neighbors who shouted at them, “Get out, you homosexuals! We shall burn you! We are sick and tired of your actions and recruiting our young children. Get out!”

In fear for their lives, they crawled out a back window, ran away and eventually made their way to the Spectrum Uganda offices to seek help.

Dominique, a construction worker, is HIV-positive and having trouble with eating. Before the attack, the two partners would sometimes team up on building…

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