Off With Her Head!

30 Jan

nana oyeI have to say that President Mahama is making some very fascinating changes in his new government. The most controversial decision to come out of Jubilee House lately so far is one of the new ministerial nominees – Mrs. Nana Oye Lithur. She a human human rights activist and lawyer who is well-known and respected by the gay community for her LGBT work and once said “Not even the President of Ghana can deny anybody his or her human rights, irrespective of the person’s sexual orientation, ethnic group, gender and what have you. These are guaranteed in our constitution and everybody in Ghana has an obligation to respect that constitution.” This was after the previous President (Mills) had said he would never support any move aimed towards legalizing homosexuality. Not surprisingly there have been some criticisms of her nomination as the  Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection. The most interesting (and dare I say disquieting) by far however, is a group calling themselves the Concerned Clergy Association which has said that she is ‘morally’ unfit for the position due to her gay rights work. They would have us believe that she would single-handedly change the law to accommodate LGBT rights – if only that were true! As interesting and possibly amusing as this group of clamoring clergymen is, I’m a bit worried because I know the power such religious men wield over their congregations and people can go above and beyond what is lawful, what is sensible just to prove that they are committed “warriors” of the church. Often times It seems that people throw good sense out of the window in a bid to follow what their pastor (not God) is saying judging by the uninformed, small-minded and frankly daft statements I have heard made by some to justify homophobia (in my personal experience anyway). The good thing is that no one seems to be taking them seriously and some have openly spoken out and asked the government and the general public to ignore these complaints. I’m not expecting her to start by advocating for sweeping changes and pushing for legalization of homosexuality, for all I know she would begin her tenure by toeing the party line once she’s in office. At this point, I’m just glad there is a government interested in getting qualified people to do a job irrespective of their political affiliations or lack thereof. Whatever happens, this government is definitely going to be a dramatic one.

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  1. VictorEa

    February 25, 2013 at 8:45 am

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