Elections Are Finally Over…I Think

09 Dec

ghana decidesSo Ghana’s elections started Friday the 7th, a day which was a public holiday for other reasons but thankfully so. Throughout the runup to the elections, it seemed as though trying to pick between the two major aspirants was like being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. On one hand, an aspirant from a great party who has a reputation for being arrogant and pompous and on the other a party with a horrible track record and with recent allegations of serious misappropriation of government funds. None of them came out on top during the presidential debates, that honor belongs to Dr. Abu Sakara Foster but it appears the general public can’t be bothered candidates that are not part of the major parties. Ultimately the whole election came down to the feasibility of a free senior high school program. Even though I think education is supremelyburning boxes important, I am not sure if it’s the only issue worthy of such prominence in a presidential campaign and I’m not saying I expected them to battle it out over LGBT issues – if anything the order of the day for most politicians is to denounce homosexuality and move as far away from it as they can. I also fear for the havoc this school program with mete out on my net salary – VAT and taxes are already high enough and I strongly believe whatever funds generated will be misused.  These electoral proceedings also proved to be a bit more violent than the last  – some idiot tried to steal the ballot boxes and nearly got beaten to death by voters, some thugs burned down ballot boxes in a constituency and there was a riot in a very affluent suburb in Accra that resulted in one rioter being shot. The votes in some constituencies still haven’t “come in” but it seems the current president will be coming back but there are talks that it could still go to second round (the winner requires 50% of the votes plus one) and the other party has started making waves that they want a recount. I just hope that these government officials, regardless of their party affiliations, take a break from embezzling funds and increasing their already fat end-of-service benefits and work towards moving the country forward.

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