Glimmer of LGBT hope in Kenya’s anti-AIDS fight

06 Jul


“LGBT people find it hard, almost impossible to access medical services,” says one activist serving Kenya’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population. “The situation is very grave. No one seems to care about preserving the lives of LGBT people in Kenya.”

But several anti-AIDS initiatives in Kenya is trying to disprove that depressing conclusion. One new effort is in northwestern Kenya,  NPR reports:

Mutisiya Leonard, who runs an HIV prevention, treatment and support program for men who have sex with men in northwestern Kenya, says homosexuality is so stigmatized in Africa that many men don’t want to refer to themselves as gay. This makes reaching them with safe-sex messages and HIV-prevention campaigns difficult. These men are reluctant to seek medical care for sexually transmitted diseases, he says, and they don’t want to get tested for HIV.

In order to address HIV in any community, health workers need to…

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