An Unusual Alliance

25 Mar
An Unusual Alliance

The Pew Research Centre sponsored a project to analyse the views of Christians and Muslims in African countries concerning tolerance and tension including tolerance towards homosexuals.The chart represents the percentage of participants who responded that being gay or homosexual is morally wrong and unacceptable:

Botswana bar 83 bar 82 bar NA
Cameroon bar 98 bar 98 bar 99
Chad bar 91 bar 89 bar 92
Djibouti bar 79 bar NA bar 80
DR Congo bar 83 bar 84 bar 87
Ethiopia bar 96 bar 96 bar 98
Ghana bar 96 bar 96 bar 97
Guinea Bissau bar 69 bar 67 bar 71
Kenya bar 98 bar 98 bar 96
Liberia bar 90 bar 91 bar 90
Mali bar 91 bar NA bar 91
Mozambique bar 80 bar 80 bar 79
Nigeria bar 95 bar 95 bar 94
Rwanda bar 89 bar 88 bar NA
Senegal bar 89 bar NA bar 90
South Africa bar 86 bar 87 bar NA
Tanzania bar 91 bar 91 bar 91
Uganda bar 79 bar 80 bar 77
Zambia bar 98 bar 98 bar NA

Quick summary of the figures:

Least tolerant: Zambia and Cameroon tie for top ‘honours’

Most tolerant: Guinea-Bissau

It’s interesting the issues that tend to bring these two religions together – a very ‘if your enemy is my enemy’ situation. It’s also interesting that these religions did not originate in Africa although we’re the ones that seem to carry the tenets and doctrines to the extremes. I wonder how the traditionalists would answer these questions – the few that remain considering how fewer people practise it. It’s also worthy of note that people seem to remember religion ‘culture’ these days only when gay people are brought into the conversation. The worrying thing is that the concordance between the two groups may just be an actual reflection of the view of the average participant of this study irrespective and unhampered by his/her religious affiliation.

How can it be that hating/persecuting someone (who chooses to have sex with a consenting adult of the same sex) to the point of supporting jail time or the death penalty is acceptable to people who claim to love all others as the love themselves? Can anybody claim not to love and wants what’s best for their children, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives? Because that’s exactly who gay people are.

Gay rights and equality in Africa have a long way to go…

Click here to read the rest of the report.

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