#IDidNotReport : Being Bashed in Jamestown

15 Mar

That would probably be what the LGBT folk in Jamestown, Accra, Ghana would be thinking right about now about their experiences after they were brutally attacked by a group of vigilantes in their area during a party because the celebrant was supposedly gay. People get beaten up everyday and it’s sad and devastating that you cannot do anything to protect yourself or seek justice because already you are considered a criminal (and would probably be arrested if you reported it) for being gay in a country that considers this orientation illegal. Everyday young men in Ghana get beaten up, extorted from and shamed for something that they did not for one day choose. I fail to see how beating up a group of defenseless young people could contribute to the growth of a society; the lack of any action of the government simply promotes this type of vigilante action against gay people.

Once again what does what two consenting adults choose to do in their bedroom (or couch or kitchen for that matter) have to do with anyone else?

Let’s say NO to hate and homophobia.

You can read the article on the Jamestown assault here.

My heart goes to all the people who have been molested, raped, beaten up or otherwise abused and yet could not talk about it and had to suffer in silence. Few things are worse.


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