4 Steps Back

29 Nov

The Nigerian senate plans to pass a bill to further criminalise homosexuality and same-sex relationships. This is because same-sex relationships will apparently destroy the moral fabric of the country. It’s interesting that tax-payers’ money (which most is already being siphoned away by the moralistic up-standing people in government into offshore bank accounts) is being used to fight a cause that doesn’t even exist. No one in Nigeria is pushing for the right to marry. All gay people are asking is for the right to just be themselves without fear of persecution or prosecution. Let’s not go into the fact that Nigeria is an oil-rich country where 64.4% of its citizens live on less than $1.25/day. Forget that  a minister was recently exposed by a newspaper of owning a house worth $20 million in Austria ( and was neighbours with ANOTHER Nigerian politician).

Banning same-sex relationships will never solve problems with corruption, transportation, electricity or poverty. I see this as an attempt to distract the general public from the truth: the government is failing them.

Separation of church from state was adopted in many countries years ago. How come African leaders always want to refer their religious beliefs when the rights of human beings are at stake? Things are not as bad in my community (yet) and I hope my country’s leaders do not go down this path.

This has got to stop.

If you can please support the petition against this bill at by clicking HERE


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